reppin’ my city…blowin’ 100’s & 50’s…

December 17, 2007

This is the article in the recent skateboarder about my town. It’s fairly accurate, except for the following things:
A) no mention of the Ashland park, which is the only decent, legal, no-pads place to skate in the whole area. It’s small, with a decent metal ledge setup and some X-games banks and quarters that are too big.
B) The author neglected to mention that VCU is the local college–so like pretty much any college town, there is a preponderance of sorostitutes and drunk hipster sluts.
The above is critical information. Say what you want about Big Brother–yes, I know–it was CRAZY and EDGY, but it didn’t condescend to skaters like the media of today by pretending that they don’t like to fuck bitches, etc. Remember when Dave Carnie said Transworld was a “eunuch of a magazine”? That was fucking great. Carnie was the beginning of the end, though, because then the humor became more scatological, paving the way for Johnny Knoxville, etc. If they really bring it back, the whole “nostalgia” thing really will have jumped the shark. Is anyone out there really clamoring for an ‘ADI’ deck?
I still don’t understand how skateboard companies make a profit when boards cost the same as they did in 1988. Oh yeah, they manufacture them in Mexico, but still…
Anyway, I think there are some other spots but they are secret…like some ditch spot and this other ledge spot. Another thing that shocked me about this area, especially moving here from NJ, is that there are 2 ethnic groups–black and white. That’s it. No asians, no Indians, no Italians, no Irish, no Polish–just black and Anglo-Saxon white. And recently, some Latin/Central American folk.
Another weird thing, at the school at which I teach at least, is that a lot of the whites are into the whole “redneck” thing–they wear camo all the time and all these “redneck”-themed shirts with confederate flags and shit. And the African-American students aren’t fazed at all. I mean, if someone at my school or whatever wore a “swastika” shirt or some shit, I would go apeshit. Isn’t it the same thing? I don’t get it, dude…..


2 Responses to “reppin’ my city…blowin’ 100’s & 50’s…”

  1. mnc_tech said

    The new ADI sucks–instead of a team of minorities, it’s Ron Allen and a dude who got hit in the head with a toilet one year at Tampa. I heard Alyasha’s doing Alphanumeric again, though.

  2. ** said

    yeah…Dustin Charlton…that guy is from VA Beach. I used to see him all the time at this park up here. Alyasha was always cool. STREETWEAR is where the money is, anyway…

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