the most technical trick I have ever seen in person:

March 6, 2008

Happened a couple days ago at the park–kf bs tail, bs flip out by the local hero.
“The kid’s good,” as they say.
Even though it’s not my favored genre of skating, I am amped to see the Fallen video if only to see which Seventies classic rock/hard rock songs are included in the soundtrack. You know, the kind of shit they play here.
I was thinking, what was the previous most technical trick I have ever seen in person? Maybe Torres nollieflip crooked grind 10 years ago, or f/s ng nollieflip out around the same time. I was in another zone of the banks when Kalis sw bs heeled over the wall–missed that one. I heard it though–heard dudes freaking out. That’s when you know you’re adept your profession–when you make dudes lose their shit.

That doesn’t really happen in other professions–like lawyers in the same firm don’t bro out and shit when one of them fucking nails a cross-examination, do they? I wouldn’t know; maybe some lawyers do. That would be rad.

“dude–you totally fucking nailed that pre-trial motion!!”


One Response to “the most technical trick I have ever seen in person:”

  1. Watson said

    Ahahahah “Yo you got the jury goin fuckin bananas over there, B!”

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