A Tribute to Jordan Richter:

April 1, 2008

the second-best Jewish skater of all time.

I think that was his only ad for Blind. I really wish I still had his Pro Spotlight from Feb. ’93. He did shit like “opposite-footed” backside tailslide on a blank board with a Star of David on the bottom.
Was that him at the end of Salman’s part in The Real Video?

9 Responses to “A Tribute to Jordan Richter:”

  1. hairfarmer said

    I think I have that one, he talks about acid and ping-pong or something like that, it’s pretty fucked up. I’ll scan it up if I do.

  2. The New Stereo Video said

    who would be the “first-best” Jewish skater of all time?

  3. ** said

    Stranger. Note: being a Jew myself, I was always psyched on Richter footage/coverage.

  4. The New Stereo Video said

    aah, Stranger. I didn’t even know. I’m afraid he also doubles as first-best skater of all time, period. I am not Jewish myself, however I would have killed in 1991 to have the same t-shirt that said “Israel” than Gonz in Video days. Not sure how that would have been perceived in my hick hub from the south of France ha ha.

  5. Watson said

    I’ve never watched all of Jordan Richter’s section in Video Days. Not once. Never ever.As for that Israel shirt, I have a special skate-nerd post about that coming up.

  6. Patrick said

    don’t forget that THE israel shirt was still in mark’s custody at least as recent as 1997, when the black midget wore it during the chair-wrestling scene in ‘gummo’.

  7. Watson said

    Oooooh you blew my special skate-nerd post out of the water. Good to know that someone out there is as nerdy as I am to actually notice that.Still gonna post about it once I get back to Canada and can do a good screen grab though.

  8. Anonymous said

    ok, about the istrael shirt the gonz wore, i know it said israel at the top but what did it say on the bottom ?

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