Both Teams Played Hard.

May 19, 2008

Allow me to throw my 2 cents into the deafening chorus of disapproval surrounding the new Lakai product line.
Presumably, the “racing” series taps into the same aesthetic that gave birth to this opus.
Truth be told, I am loathe to wear clothing with tons of logos. I even rarely wear clothing with writing on it, period.
However, NASCAR is fucking rad. For example, this one female co-worker of mine attended a NASCAR racing event a few weeks ago and “drank a lot.” This, in my opinion, is tremendously attractive. Why? Because it’s about as un-hipster as you can get. Maybe this series will gain popularity if hipsters begin ironically wearing NASCAR attire.
In addition to the above IRL-themed Mariano 2, I am partial to moderately tech shoes like any Howard shoe, or the recent Carroll incarnations. I fail to comprehend how dudes skate in shoes like low-top “old-school” Vans. Skating, by definition, kills one’s feet. Therefore, does it not warrant footwear that provides a modicum of protection? You don’t see Chris Paul wearing Chuck Taylors or Pro Keds, praising their superior “court feel” or some shit. That might not be an apt comparison. However, I’ve observed Rasheed Wallace sporting high-top AF1’s for a few years now. Who knows what rationale he conceived for that particular footwear decision, though.

3 Responses to “Both Teams Played Hard.”

  1. boil the ocean said

    well, what about the Aesthetics racing series? Plus, there were some race cars in Ryde or Die.

  2. ** said

    Indeed–there was a definite car motif in RoD. Haven’t watched that one in a while–ever since one of my offspring destroyed this CD-R I had that contained that, Pack o Lies, Snuff, and Love Child. There’s also been a definitely connection between skating and cars over the years…there’s the genesis of a post there somewhere or some shit.

  3. Watson said

    Dude, I skate classic Vans styles. I switched over to them like 7 years ago with the Rowley Classic, and although I dabble in other shoes, I pretty much only skate Vans or vulcanized shoes.I just add a second insole (Nike SB because they have great padding), and I’m good to go. Better board feel and WAY better grip than anything else, and no sore feet. Seriously, it’s not just “sort of” better. It’s WAAAAAAY better.

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