June 19, 2008

“…coming soon…”

5 Responses to “research”

  1. Mr Congeniality said

    Man, I cannot read that guy’s writing, at all.

  2. defoort said

    An Interesting perspective. Personally I find it uniquely interesting that a character like Kareem was ever given the financial grace to make Menace a reality. Despite its decline in the late 90s’ Menace represented the apotheosis of Dope in the mid 90s’: even if the team were flown around the world just to do switch kickflips and smoke pot.Personally I liked Fabian. At that epoch, he was really good on a skateboard, and thugged and slanged with some of L.A’s hardest.

  3. Frank said

    The guy acts like it was a good thing he put on Paul Rodrigues etc. The switch to city stars killed menace

  4. Anonymous said

    This guy claims to be “a skateboard journalist” on his Myspace page, yet the basis of journalism, i thought, is to find the people you talk about so they can cross reference your info. So MNC without talking to kareem, jed walters without talking to him, and Lennie kirk based on pure rumors. that’s the real menace to skateboarding ha ha.

  5. Baby Jesse said

    All this guy’s articles are terrible. This, however, is by far the worst.

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