this video is going VIRAL, BABY!!!

August 23, 2008

I did a big time 00’s thing and uploaded a video to youtube–the montage from Sixth Sense with the Welsh sw 360 flip at the end — second-to-last trick actually. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of embedded video; it usually falls under the “hey dudes, look what I found on the internets” category. However, it’s been floating across my mind’s eye ever since the chrome ball dude posted this. Maybe it’s a combination of skating through the banks that day and how completely out of left field it was at the time; I mean, the only dude who sw 360 flipped over stuff was…you know who. Note: apparently, it is one of the TOP 10 SWITCH 360 FLIPS EVER. Truth be told, I cannot recall if that was a SLAP topic or magazine article first–a moot point if there ever was one.
ANYWAY, there’s some interesting stuff in there in addition to Welsh, like pre-cellar door Puleo, Brad Hayes (slightly ahead of his time), Jerry Fowler, and random footage of whoever was in NYC that spring, i.e. Nikhil Thayer at courthouse. Oh yeah–Dan “2 Fish” Rogers.


One Response to “this video is going VIRAL, BABY!!!”

  1. gavin said

    jerry fowler was too good.

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