A Short Interview with Jason Dill

August 20, 2009

interview conducted 8/18/09 at approximately 6:50 PM

You referenced Henry’s part in Tim and Henry’s as inspiration for your part in Mosaic–

You’re referring to the part with all those lines–

That was in a recent interview. I was kinda just thinking out loud. It wasn’t the main reason why I did it; I just remembered that Henry’s part in Pack o’ Lies just seemed so flowy, and the way he did lines–he would do such long lines. I liked that–to watch someone taking the time to go around a trash can.

I think in that same interview you referenced Ziggy from The Wire as your favorite actor–

That was a joke. That’s my friend P.J. who lives with me. He’s on the show.
Are you a fan of that show?
I love that show. I would watch that show even if James or Leo Fitzpatrick weren’t on it. So into it. I would like it even if my friend’s weren’t on it. Actually, I wish my friends weren’t on it so I could like it even more.
Who was your favorite character on [The Wire]?

I’d have to say [pauses] McNulty. He was always fuckin.’
Do you remember your first graphic on 101?
Yeah–Winnie the Pooh.Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin [unintelligible]
Berrics vs. the World park–which is better?

World park. Jesus–are you kidding me?

Were you at Lockwood when Keenan switch flipped over the table?

I’m in the background. You see me run and throw my board down in the background.

What were your impressions of that moment?

I was hyped for Keenan. Then he turned around, and he almost switch heelflipped it.

My final question is about Gino–a dude that has a cult following, I guess you could say–

Fuck yeah he does.
What do you think is so iconic or transcendent about him or his skating?
Gino? You watch the guy push down the fucking street, and it’s entertaining; it’s beautiful. Nobody skates like that. Nobody looks like that on a skateboard
at all anymore. All these kids are fuckin’ jumpin’ at shit and doing all this…
It would be insane to skate like Gino. No one skates like him. He’s like a…like an ice skater.
Well, that’s all I got; thanks for your time [reaches for post-it note to write down URL of site]
Nah that’s okay I don’t really use the internet that much. I’m sure I’ll hear about it, though.

6 Responses to “A Short Interview with Jason Dill”

  1. Keith said

    sick! Thanks for that. I have 2 PS Stix USA Dill boards at home waiting to be set up. I rode so many 101 Dill boards. Always great shapes and concave.

    Wonder what shoe company he'll land on?

  2. Anonymous said

    the labels for this are awesome

  3. boil the ocean said

    Dill on your blog, you're gonna get beat up

  4. tagskie said

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  5. JanuskieZ said

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  6. […] in his EL. I don’t know if this influenced his style to any degree, but when I interviewed Dill he compared him to an “ice skater.” Indeed, when Gino rolls up to that municipal […]

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