obligatory year-end superlatives (2.0)

December 31, 2009

Primus haircut, Primus t-shirt

Video Part of the Year:

Dennis Busenitz – Diagonal. Less a video part and moreso, to paraphrase Martin Popoff, a blueprint for living a faster, more powerful, more effective life. It’s almost as if he obtained one of Jim Thiebaud’s poetry books, apprehended, and put theory into practice. This was also the only part this year that, after viewing, the following exchanged happened:

Me: “Dude did you see Busenitz’s part in that Adidas vid?”

One of the Dudes I was Skating With That Day: “Yeah…”

Both: “Dude…” [shake heads, stare off into space]

NOTE: Truth be told, I believe very strongly that it is cool that Thiebaud published a “chap book” of poetry in 1991. Especially in San Francisco. I wonder if he tried out any of his shit at any open mic poetry nites. One must consider context; I mean, fuck, even Vallely was semi-intellectual then. One could even consider Vallely’s regression as a metaphor for the cro-magnonization of the nation as a whole. But that’s a topic for some other dude’s Pop Culture Studies* PhD dissertation or some shit. 

Writing effective poetry is hard as fuck. just ask Scott Bourne. However, doing so involves articulating one’s feelings, which is something chicks do. It’s also an inevitability that pretty much any dude in his mid-twenties is going to write about the same type of shit, so it’s probably going to be trite to a certain extent, and thus an easy target for internet humor down the road. High Speed Productions publishing such a tome is also especially notable considering that, almost twenty years later, their flagship publication has about 20% the amount of written content it had in 1991. Were dudes just more literary then? Or more vidiotic now?

For example, Jason Lee, who was 22/23 at the time, was able to compose this somewhat lengthy, well-thought-out, gramatically flawless essay for SLAP. Did he even graduate from high school? From what I have heard and observed, this level of writing acumen is high above that of most college freshmen. Unless Lance Dawes edited the fuck out of it. POSSIBLE.

Deluxe/Real has always been on that tip, like that artistic Bukowski/jazz vibe; This would explain the  sincere, somewhat autobiographical voice in Thiebaud’s early works. Indeed, Julien himself  paid homage to another semiautobiographical writer in this ad. At the end of the day, though, I suppose lambasting the youthful poetic ramblings of a big company owner dude is good for a laugh now and then. For what it’s worth, I still get psyched on the introductory paragraphs he writes for the DLX catalogs every three months.

Interestingly, ever since that Neil Blender/Mark Gonzales griptape art shit started, skaters have gravitated towards the visual arts as opposed to the language. Perhaps this developed organically from the inherently visual nature of skating; one is constantly spacio-visually analyzing the most miniscule criteria of spots, one’s setup, video parts, Torey Pudwill’s arm movements, etc.  Also, one should not overlook that the exponential increase in [visual] skartism over the last 10 years was fueled by a potent elixer composed of free wine/beer and FIT/Pratt/SVA**  girls. However, the new decade beckons; maybe my boy Dylan will early-adopt this trend on the verbal side of things:***

Rookie of the Year

Felipe Gustavo – Digital FYI

No feebles. No lipslides, with or without switch crooked grind. No awkward boardslide/blunt variations. Just hard-as-fuck flip-in/flip-out shit. Reminded me of when I first saw J.B.’s part in Rodney/Daewon 2. When that part hit, my friend Sam proclaimed that it was as if the dude was nonchalantly visiting from the future– in terms of trick selection (b/s nollie s/w 5-0) and overall savoir faire–that f/s nollieflip in Lyon comes to mind.

Seriously, pretty much any Brazilan dude (no, not Bob) that released a part this year could have filled this spot or that above, but Gustavo formulates the kind of lines (nollieflip f/s ng, followed by f/s ng nollieflip out) that only PJ Ladd even really contemplates attempting, wherever Mr. Ladd contemplates such things–an austerly decorated Los Angeles condominium,perhaps, no furniture, clothes oozing out of product boxes. I wonder what constitutes his process–staring at a wall, throwing a wheel up and down, up and down, or making a NOTE TO SELF like Nick Cage in Adaptation. If anyone warrants the 411VM “Day in the Life”/EL treatment, it’s Mr. Ladd. He’s the closest thing we have to a J.D. Salinger; someone who came right out the box with a life-changer at the beginning of a decade, sunk into seclusion,  and graced us with small flashes of genius over the ensuing ten years. Hopefully Unquestionable will reach fruition before 2060, but who the fuck knows…

ANYWAY, in addition to the above, Gustavo appears to retain sufficient Brian Lotti in his DNA to make a bigspin immediately followed by a fakie bigspin seem cool as fuck–like something out of that first line in the Now ‘n Later part. Not to mention throwing a nollieflip f/s nose on a handrail. I might be wrong here, but the tallest ledge on which a human had previously pulled off said esoteric maneuver was one of those Santa Monica Courthouse ledges (Howard in some Indy ad). I may be wrong though. In any event, It doesn’t even matter,  because it’s a Digital vid and no one will see it.

Give This Man a Gold Watch:

Marfaing. Hopefully he’s still killing it somewhere in a five-panel, sweatpants, and non-vulc footwear.

Ad of the Year

Few things give me hope for the future these days; I include text-only attack ads among them.

ps. all old ad links courtesy the chrome ball incident

pps. On the topic of end-of-the-decade shit–Monumental in scope, adept in execution,  Quartersnacks deserves some kind of award for their countdown of the 100 most important moments in NYC skating from 2000-2009. I haven’t lived there since the last end-of-the-decade shenanigans, yet I feel as if I have experienced ten years in five days. Trip the fuck out.

*I am fairly certain this is an actual field of study

**Pratt and SVA might be the same institution; not sure about that one

***Note: I would fuck with those shoes as work shoes

4 Responses to “obligatory year-end superlatives (2.0)”

  1. dad said

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Mr. Paul Trepanier – at the moment unbelievably without board sponsor (as far as I know) – has done a nollie flip frontside noseslide down a handrail.

  2. those reiders are hard to find and they’re over a bill.
    I think the grey ones only successfully work as a “jean shoe”- whereas the black could maybe look good with some tapered/unbaggy slacks

  3. smorales said

    i started to write out all of the funny things but it was taking too long but “Writing effective poetry is hard as fuck, just ask Scott Bourne” is great.

  4. […] as an end-note to the Decade 100 list, thanks to Slap, The Chrome Ball Incident, Frozen in Carbonite, NY Skateboarding and In the Gnar for the support and the […]

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