value for value

May 19, 2010

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Riffing off of the Ayn Rand theme here, an old Bill Simmons barstool conversation starter known as “How Much Would You Pay,” and of course the furor surrounding the recent Shane O’Neill solo video part,  I threw together a little Powerpoint slide illustrating the relative values of various video parts throughout history.  Any data therein should be take with a grain of salt, because it reflects my own delusional nostalgia. I think if I wanted to compile actual data I could do some kind of survey or some shit and average out the various values, but that sounds like something more in Watson’s wheelhouse. Indeed, if I learned anything today, it’s that I am not the Powerpoint ninja I thought I was. If making powerpoint charts was skating transition, Watson is doing sugarcanes and long-ass 5/0 fakies around bowl corners, and I just learned how to axle stall, like, yesterday.

ANYWAY, truth be told, I’m pretty sure Kalis in Mono–the only other “solo video part” I can think ofactually retailed for $5, which included a cool UK tour vid featuring “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Although both are sick as fuck (Kalis – badassery, unpredictably outstanding music supervision, O’Neill – futurism), the contrast between the distribution/marketing strategies of the two could not be more stark.


2 Responses to “value for value”

  1. Frank said

    There is a remastered version of LA County?

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