November 13, 2010

eh eh, eh eh

Hey, remember in the Nineties when remixes consisted of an entirely new beat with some different dudes, instead of the same beat and some different dudes, in addition to some dude caterwauling on top of the whole production? That was awesome. Contrary to popular belief, Sean Combs did not originate the remix.* He did, in all likelihood, invent the latter form.

In any event, I have been contemplating the concept of remixes for two reasons: firstly, when I heard this remix during my usual Friday night routine of driving around listening to ignorant-ass hip-hop, I instantly got amped on some 20 Shot 2011/NYC IZ BACK-type shit. The synergy of Meth & Cameron Giles over that loop convinced me that maybe if Gucc, Wayne, and TI somehow ended up simultaneously incarcerated the tri-state area could return to prominence.

Delusional, I know.

Secondly, most of you have most probably already seen these, but some outstanding gentleman produced remixes of the holy trinity of “dope” skating, consisting of 411 clips, fondly-remembered video part shit, Girl/Choc box set extra footage, and painstakingly-added skate sounds.   Shit’s got me amped on some DA NINETIES IZ BACK-type shit. Best viewed in Father/Son/Holy Spirit sequence.

*” I guess like the jeans” is probably the worst simile in the history of figurative language.

**new post w/99% original content coming soon

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