A Pocket Reference Guide to Private Indoor Training Facilities

February 5, 2011

At some tipping point in the near future, what we commonly refer to as street skating–meeting up with one’s friends to skate a variety of spots in an urban or suburban area–will become analogous to flying around in a Cessna scoping out drained pools, like the beginning of Gleaming the Cube. Sick, but outdated and kinda goofy.

Along those lines, if I became independently wealthy–we’re talking Charlie Sheen money here, people–I would probably design and contract out a private indoor training facility.

It would not resemble any of the current ones out there–and there are a slew. I would base the design primarily on the warehouse in which the Janet Jackson “Pleasure Principle” video was shot. Austere. Mellow, but not battle-commander-dramatic style lighting. Art, like sculptures of Zeus and shit. Light streaming through broken windows and slowly rotating fans. I would also include big-ass bookshelves with one of those ladders on a track, like in the library at Columbia, or the library in The Great Gatsby’s house. I would not have read, nor would I intend to read these books. However, I would include books that skaters like to read, like Bukowski everything.

Inclusive of the warehouse depicted above, “what was the first PITF?” remains an interesting barstool debate topic. One could vouch for that Jeff Kendall warehouse in San Jose or the Powell Skate Zone (name has not aged well), yet I think those were open to the public. I may be wrong here though.

Remember that long-ass Mike Santarossa line at the Skate Zone in Fight Fire With Fire? That shit was sick.

ANYWAY, most will agree that the World Park was the “Rock Around the Clock” of PITF’s. And we all know what it offered: beer, blunts, and bitches. However, the myriad of choices facing the modern PITF skater may appear  daunting at first. For this reason, I created a matrix (see below, and click to enlarge) to organize this information. The  next time you go on a TF tour, feel free to print out and use the below chart as a handy reference guide.

However, be forewarned; the amenites offered at the myriad of PITF’s in the world today vary greatly. To paraphrase Dave Carnie, the Transworld Park is the eunuch of Private Indoor Training Facilities.

4 Responses to “A Pocket Reference Guide to Private Indoor Training Facilities”

  1. A Pocket Full of Dollars said

    Hey, I wanted to say that your posts are pretty witty, always fun to read. Also I think you wrote a piece for Vice on Axion shoes awhile back, I thought it was well-written.

  2. revs said

    Newburgh !!!

  3. albert said

    post more please

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