A Real “Since Day One” Video Premiere Report/Review (in verse)

April 17, 2011

left work early
erupted down 95 like a hollowtip from the barrel of an AR-15
straight through the heart of the olde city
pre-premiere meetup spot
first-day-of-summer-type heat on the dome; no snapback
only dude at bar
that old feeling surges back
a bicycle girl rolls up, textual tattoos scrawled over her frame
who reads those shits?
this is the time when
I explain why a skateboarding "video"
resembles moreso "film" than video clip
or some shit
same impossible routine as explaining to someone
how Astor constituted a spot

homies roll up
pound one or two before the vid starts
these functions usually start punctually
old heads and groms mingle outside
could it be? i fear it is so
remember the Mind Field premiere? this is an even worse ratio
bicycle girl decided not to show

olde-tymey-as-fuck theater
kaleidoscope chandelier
as homie vid trailers explode onscreeen
i fall into an allergy medication/air conditioning-induced docile state
reminiscent of olden tymes
when gentlemen and ladies sought refuge from the noontyme sun
darkened, empty matinee
coca-extract beverage slaked thirst


expected to hear "oye como va"
flashback to Lambert in Silver
a vid i traded for Best of 411 #3
regret nothing
forrest edwards stairs


alabama blacksnake
rail/stair berserker assault
channeling gentleman on Molly Hatchet album covers
gonz/sheff down clipper, pass the advil


long island city
cuffs, pom beanie
hyphy is dead
or is it? 


lip tricks as ledge
not even Hosoi
looks cool on Mega Ramp 


met a girl, last weekend
from twin city suburbs
forgot to ask
if she had purified herself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka
better off, probably
old-ass creepy reference
dig, if you will, mirror image Sanchez grinds
nollie hurricane? 


DC midtops intrigue me
jumping down stuff
bsnb Gino ledge
backside tailslide shoveit
ponce de leon 


life, fun, real
existential career
calf muscle biopsy
genetically-engineered super-solder's story 


news flash
this video part contains
the first time in the history of man
a gentleman wore "cool guy" sunglasses
and looked cool, no irony
opiated flow, synergy
freddy krueger sweater
summer heights high
who knew
jumping down stuff, interesting 


hokus pokus am montage
lenox ledges line
peace park
NHL playoffs--what channel? 


dirty little redneck girls flock
state fair
heat & dirt, weed smoke
motorcycle clubs, hollowbody electric guitars
5/0 fakie the side of a double-wide trailer
thirty days in the hole, 5K for retainer
orange pants, like just broke outta jail
"hey you! good-lookin' female!"


tre flip ts
f/s heel nose
sub-issue 20 411VM trick selection
we need a new "swag" to describe dudes like this
too fosse 


flashback to questionable hip-to-rail
one question remains:
"robbie" age limit? 


James Brown
is dead
mercer county
trenton rail, Sean Carter drug deal territory
Sanchez grind redux, the fuck happened to that dude
appropriate self cheer, robert plant "in the the mood"
Janoski, snapback, pom beanie
Palo Alto futurustic
Mark Zucker, make him an offer 


the old let-me-make-fun-of-myself-before-you-have-the-chance-to-make
-fun-of-me trick
truth be told, though
i joked with a bro outside before the premiere
about "vert button"
and how we now watch previously vert-buttoned parts
vert has become an awesome relic of the previous century
like a t-top firebird with said firebird painted on hood
mega-ramp button


thrash--the bay area
luciferous yoga instructor
middle school,
i purchased an exodus disc
longboxes--convenient wall decoration
hubba coffin nail, working-class devil
"guitar!" like bret michaels
dual leads ascend to valhalla
Thor? Looks cool, I guess
watch out for that door


can you survive
the blitzkrieg?
pull the pin, ride the fire
beethoven, michael schenker
black rock line, switch tre, gateway to the pantheon
diagonal was the Euro
evolutionary ethan fowler free-form jazz San Francisco
lipslide-back cover SLAP final physical issue

6 Responses to “A Real “Since Day One” Video Premiere Report/Review (in verse)”

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  2. Justin said

    Nice Chappelle reference.

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  4. ofwgkta said

    robbie gangemi

  5. Jo El said

    mega-ramp button

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