#prettysweet and #parentaladvisory : a Venn Diagram w/ BONUS: a year-end list of the top 5 Frozen in Carbonite posts of 2012

December 23, 2012

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“Videos are dead! No, wait! STOP THE PRESSES! Full-length skate videos are back, bro!” That’s what Transworld said, in paraphrased form. Finally, after obtaining a physical of Pretty Sweet, I carved out a chunk of time in which to view it, approximately a month after its premiere. However, with my local shop still awaiting shipment of the physical DGK film, I said “fuck it” and downloaded. More content based on these two films #comingsoon, but for now, I concluded that the occasion called for another Venn diagram. Indeed, this expansion into the realm of cinematic production values opens up a pandora’s box of new angles for skate video deconstruction. For example, does the narrative in Parental Advisory take place in the same alternate universe as every other skate video narrative?* Are Fabes and Minnick on the same police force as Hosoi from Blind What If? Do they serve the same law enforcement entity as the nebulous surveillance team from the A-Team section in RVD2?

ANYWAY, more content both relating to these vids and dealing with other stuff coming next year–maybe sooner. For now, I offer a year-end list of THE TOP 5 FROZEN IN CARBONITE POSTS OF 2012:

March – “Biebelism 101”

May – “A War to End All Wars”

July – “A Brief History of Anglophilia”

September – ” ‘Bookmark Me, Maybe?’–2012 Song of the Summer/Video Part of the Summer     Retrospective” 

November: “Freudian Shoe Review: Nike Challenge Court”

*This is a Klosterman concept–the question of whether works of fiction take place in separate universes or one fictional alternate universe. However, can’t remember which essay in order to properly cite.

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