#comingsoon : Triple Threat Book Review: “Infinite Crab Meats” by Byron Crawford, “Life”–the Keith Richards autobiography, & “Better If You Don’t Come Back” by Joseph DeMough

April 23, 2013

forgot to cancel Hulu Plus

forgot to cancel Hulu Plus

The homie Galen has the skate book review game locked down. However, the following three things recently happened at the same damn time. First, after a year and a half, I finished the Keith Richards bio, which I had borrowed from my old man. Concurrently, @byroncrawford (one of my two favorite currently active writers) came out with a new book and hooked up an e-copy. A day or two later, Fat Thumb Publishing hit me up about reviewing Better If You Don’t Come Back — probably the first novel that addresses skate culture in a micro sense. So there you go. Check back in a week, I guess? This post is taking an extra long time cause I actually have to read stuff instead of formulating a thesis based on a video with some crooked grinds ‘n shit.

In the meantime, hit me on (in descending order of my activity) that twitter, on that insta, or that tumblr.


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