A War To End All Wars

May 12, 2012

I read Catch 22 in fifth grade. Although I have forgotten most of the characters and plot, the quote “man is matter” has resonated throughout the years.

I think about this truism often. Whether machine guns from a German fighter plane shatter one’s glass machine gun turret in a B-25 or one falls on one’s shoulder while f/s grinding and one’s knee lands on one’s board, thereby tearing a piece of one’s shoulder muscle like an Airhead®, the end-sum game is the same. We consist of a bunch of bones and junk.

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There Are No Rules Tonight.

December 30, 2010

The other evening, as per usual, I perused the magazine section of Food Lion  while grocery shopping.  Pickings were slim; my mainstay King had long gone out of business. Food Lion never has Transworld nor Thrasher for some reason. However, I was shocked to see an actual physical issue of Maxim . I recall the publisher or editor-in-chief appearing on Stern about a year ago, explaining that the publication would be going FULL DIGITAL. Maybe they were able to outsource their photoshopping to Bangladesh, or some shit.

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