alt. post title: "Richard Angelides Can Still, Ostensibly, Land a Guitar"

Winter: a time for contemplation. For some dudes, a time to, from 12 PM to 12 AM on Sundays, barricade oneself in one’s “man cave” with NFL Sunday Ticket and a styrofoam cooler filled with Natural Ice. For skate dudes, a time to ensconce oneself in one’s television entertainment room with a grip of videos. Indeed, during the VHS era, if one entered a skate house, the legitness of said house was directly proportional to the height of the tower of VHS tapes alongside the entertainment center. Chest-high was optimal.

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As Chuck Klosterman noted in his review of The Sims, daily life boils down to a series of strategy problems. One of this season’s episodes of Jersey Shore demonstrated this perfectly, as Mike deftly isolated two separate groups of girls in the house, isolated and extracted an attractive female from her hippopotomic friend, and engaged in intercourse with said young lady. Concurrently, Vincent and Paul banged the first set of girls.  This process led me to call several area contractors, asking for estimates on ballpark figures for converting my home’s laundry/utility room into a “smash room.” Read the rest of this entry »