Seven Years

December 31, 2014

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The seven-year anniversary of this site passed on November 12,  and I failed to post a “happy anniversary” post. So, consider this post that–or some shit. When I started FiC I had no expectations. I just knew I never wanted to be one of those dudes that started a blog, updated it for a couple months, and then lost interest or whatever.

I recently was offered the opportunity to contribute to the new Ride Channel site that launched a couple months ago in conjunction with Complex. They let me write (pretty much) whatever I want, which is chill af. It’s also tight to be coworkers (or whatever) with people whom I respect like Desus y Mero and Bauce Sauce. So please check for my stuff there–I really should also post links on here, via some kind of #contentmanagementstrategy. Along those lines, here is the latest thing I worked on: as a companion piece of sorts to this Stacy Peralta interview, Lucas Wisenthal, Mike Munzenrider and I broke down the most influential videos, by year, of the past 30 years.

Eventually I should have an author’s page. I will still continue to post on here, as well. ANYWAY, here’s every post from 2014, in chronological order:

1/12/14 – “Bill Belichick’s Terrible Horrible Life”

3/2/14 – Chris Franzen Interview

3/17/14-4/8/14 – “The Ultimate #90’s Skater Power Ranking Bracket”

5/25/14 – “Video Review Roundup: Beltway Insider Edition”

6/18/14 – ” ‘Sal 23’ Colorwar SB Dunk Low” 

9/17/14 – “Skate Documentary Corner: ‘All This Mayhem’ “

9/24/14 – “Song of the Summer/Video Part of the Summer IV” 

Shoutout to anyone that read, linked, shared, tweeted, retweeted, or commented this year and over the past seven years. Also, special shoutout to Police Informer and Bobshirt.

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forgot to cancel Hulu Plus

forgot to cancel Hulu Plus

The homie Galen has the skate book review game locked down. However, the following three things recently happened at the same damn time. First, after a year and a half, I finished the Keith Richards bio, which I had borrowed from my old man. Concurrently, @byroncrawford (one of my two favorite currently active writers) came out with a new book and hooked up an e-copy. A day or two later, Fat Thumb Publishing hit me up about reviewing Better If You Don’t Come Back — probably the first novel that addresses skate culture in a micro sense. So there you go. Check back in a week, I guess? This post is taking an extra long time cause I actually have to read stuff instead of formulating a thesis based on a video with some crooked grinds ‘n shit.

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self-imposed deadline–end of the month

switch 360 flip up

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…including, but not limited to, a City of Rats write-up type thing.