Summer 2012 fucking killed it. I skated a bowl, then got hammered on the beach and jumped in the ocean–thus getting wavy in both a literal and figurative sense. I skated the TF in the rain, drank a beer across the street, skated the TF some more, then skated the World Famous Lenox Ledges. All things considered, this might have been the best summer since 1999, aka The Summer of Newport, when a busload of Brazilian girls rolled up on that most late-Nineties of spots as Wenning switch 360 flipped into the rays of the rising sun. The only thing missing was a consensus slam-dunk no-brainer Song of the Summer.

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I often wonder if release date–specifically, time of year–affects videos’ sociocultural impact. traditionally, the prime time to release a video is the summertime–to conincide, one assumes, with the time dudes are skating the most. For example, Virtual, Photosynthesis, Goldfish, Trilogy, A Visual Sound, and, yes, even Fight Fire With Fire all were unleashed in the summertime. This is a philosophy to which the good people at Transworld still hold true, and presumably will until a tectonic plate shift hurls the San Diego area into the Pacific Ocean. The big exception, of course, is EE3, which I purchased from Supreme at the tail end of a brutally extended winter. It came with that poster and cardstock card that listed all the montage appearances in order. Read the rest of this entry »