alt. post title: "Richard Angelides Can Still, Ostensibly, Land a Guitar"

Winter: a time for contemplation. For some dudes, a time to, from 12 PM to 12 AM on Sundays, barricade oneself in one’s “man cave” with NFL Sunday Ticket and a styrofoam cooler filled with Natural Ice. For skate dudes, a time to ensconce oneself in one’s television entertainment room with a grip of videos. Indeed, during the VHS era, if one entered a skate house, the legitness of said house was directly proportional to the height of the tower of VHS tapes alongside the entertainment center. Chest-high was optimal.

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keep it cool

One of my favorite Stern bits of all time is when he goofs on Springsteen–specifically, that particluar affectation that Bruce takes on in certain songs and stage raps. You know what I mean–like he’s from some Kentucky coal-mining town or some shit, with no job prospects besides doing whatever his daddy done did. Anyway, Stern would basically say “Hey, moron–you’re from Freehold, you live 45 minutes away from the biggest city in the world, why don’t you just take a train there and do whatever you want?!”

In essence, that is how Wenning came up. That’s also why, whenever dudes clown on him for the hour or so of unintentional comedy he  released over the past year, including the basement/living room interview, the hyperbolic “blasting guns” videos ,or the “heavy hittas” site in general, I  somewhat take offense. Not A LOT–I mean, what do I care–but the circumstances under which he blew up in 98-99 and the part of the world from which he came make it contextually–I dunno man–kind of smug. I mean, whenever I saw him there, the dude was the dirtiest kid at the banks–no easy feat, for sure.

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