Before I get into this last part, let’s sum up:

Part One (exhibits A-G)

Part Two (exhibits H-L)

Part Three (exhibits M-Q)

Part Four (exhibits R-V)

Exhibit W: Axion

image courtesy youwillsoon

First of all, this exhibit was probably the most challenging to write. Why? Writing about the significance of shoes ain’t easy. Watson kills it at it though. Of course, there’s also that Made for Skate book, but that seems like more of a coffee table kind of thing (I may be wrong here). That dude Bobbito wrote a book that seems to focus more on the cultural implications of footwear, but I think I read it in B&N in like 15 minutes back in like ’04, so maybe it just had little blurbs or some shit like that.

ANYWAY, along those lines–sneakers and their socio-cultural implications–I recently had the following exchange with my brother, who doesn’t skate, never skated, wears Rainbow flip-flops most of the time, and is pretty much a total frat dude: Read the rest of this entry »


On July 20, in the year of our lord 2010, two North American Tours collided in the NoVa/DC/MD area, resulting in an assault of firepower that the region had not seen since at least The War of 1812 (or perhaps the Marion Barry administration). In a twist of fate perhaps preordained by some mystic force, the Plan B squad and the Iron Maiden/Dream Theater tour both concluded their summer tours in the same area on the same day. Read the rest of this entry »