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“the NSX pull out the driveway/feelin’ like Scarface. desperado on the case”

-Royal Flush, 1997

Right when I moved to California, I bought a ’95 Civic Coupe. I had it for no longer than a month. I completely totaled the fucking car.” 

-Caine Gayle, 1997*

I first saw the 101 War Report promo on a VHS cassette tape that also contained Da Deal is Dead, some SMA video, and maybe Vision Barge at Will. In addition to the innovative “jogger” narrative element, the footage of McNatt piloting a silver NSX seemed to communicate a theme. Like, a futuristic car for mad futuristic skating, or some shit. The NSX symbolized Rocco’s New World Order and foreshadowed Clinton-era economic prosperity. While conceptualized as a supercar or some shit, it still had that Civic DNA deep down in its rear-situated engine.

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alternate post title: “[Podium] Erica Is Still My Muse”

I’m going to level with you here.

When I saw Tim “Secs” Gavin’s Big Brother trading card seventeen years ago, the first thing that I thought was not “whoa, this dude is management material.” Indeed, the content of said trading card was highly workplace-inappropriate. Ironically, though, Gavin has forged one of the most successful post-skating careers out, founding DVS and continuing to manage Podium Distribution effectively. He displays his signature management style  in hilarious fashion in the recent Matix Industry Profile internet video, presumably arranged by Gavin’s newest hire–none other than [Podium] Erica.  The purpose of this short film? To show all the kids out there what awaits them should they score a “dream job” in the industry.

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