March 17, 2014

CTE (click to enlarge)

CTE (click to enlarge)


UPDATE 4/8 – FINAL RESULTS. Shoutout to everyone that voted and linked.

This experiment in interactive content was inspired by a few different elements. First, the growing semi-serious discussion on #skatetwitter about power-ranking stuff in skating–like kickflips, etc. Until now, the closest thing had been the coverage meter on Transworld Business. Secondly, you know on Grantland  how they love to power-rank stuff, and also to place seemingly incongruous things into brackets that you can vote on? Except the latter usually manifests itself in weird matchups like Snapchat vs. Macklemore, or some shit like that. Thirdly, I have been filling out these brackets every March since like 1990; it’s a rite of spring or some shit.  I think I pick too many upsets, though. But you don’t want to be that dude who picks his whole bracket according to seeds, ’cause that’s boring as fuck. However, you also don’t want to be that dude who never watches basketball, knows nothing about sports period, yet conducts a shit-ton of research and tries to use some Sabermetric-type algorithms to “beat the system.” I think I just pick the team that I think is cooler, which led to too many Arkansas Razorbacks and Miami “THE U” picks. 

ANYWAY, the real catalyst arrived (like most inspiration in #modernlife) via twitter–@eclectik posted a link to a “Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of the 90’s” bracket he made on this site Challonge. After fucking around with the site for a while, and after a 13-hour selection committee meeting in a smoke-filled room, we have the Ultimate #90s Skater Power Ranking Bracket. Note: in order to establish a level playing field, the selection committee chose to omit, for the most part, currently active pro’s, dudes in the “everyone’s favorite skater” category like Gino, Carroll, etc., and those legends who are no longer with us. Here is the tentative schedule, which the selection committee drew up to align with the NCAA’s:

ROUND ONE: 3/17-3/20

ROUND TWO: 3/21-3/24

REGIONALS: (ROUND 3) 3/25-3/27

ELITE 8: 3/28-3/31

FINAL FOUR: 4/1-4/4


So check back as per the above schedule to see results. [cue Highlander theme]



  1. Doug said

    A little confusing. It looks like only one side of the bracket. Not sure if it went through

    • thecarbonite said

      thanks for voting! yeah it’s working… the way the site is set up, the bracket is completely vertical instead of 2 sides but all the matchups are there.

  2. alex dyer said

    I can’t get the votes to work for some reason. I signed in with Facebook. Any ideas?

  3. alex dyer said

    Ignore that, sussed it.

  4. McNeal said

    im new to this but why is kelly bird 1 and henry sanchez 64? shouldnt that be the other way around? explain this.

  5. Jason Rothmeyer said

    Cold blooded putting me against ALF in that first round. I would have had a shot against George Morales or one of those dudes. Sick idea. We’re doing something similar on THE BOARDR site that I put together about 2 weeks ago. Fun shit.

  6. tcbowa said

    Rothmeyer vs Rawls killed me. Sorry Jason.

  7. Doug said

    Jason Lee, Hensley, Donger, Tony Ferguson, rudy johnson, Coco Santiago all could have been in, and some others in there should really be in the NIT.

  8. Liege said

    Additionally Richard Mulder, Scott Johnston and Joey Bast.

  9. Dudes Complainin Should Read More said

    “in order to establish a level playing field, the selection committee chose to omit, FOR THE MOST PART, currently active pro’s, dudes in the “everyone’s favorite skater” category like Gino, Carroll, etc., and those legends who are no longer with us.”

    and Joey Bast is on there. But perhaps yall should make your own challonge braquette

  10. I only “know” A BIT about: (But isn’t enough to make a vote)

    Henry Sánchez, Kenny Hughes, Gershon Mosley, Kareen Campbell, Sal Barbier, Peter Bici, Spencer Fujimoto, Jeff Pang, Reese Forbes, Brian Lotti and Mike Hernández.

    Great idea, cheers! .

  11. mudozine said

    Reblogged this on Mudo Magazine and commented:
    FIC presents the Ultimate 90’s skater power ranking bracket to coincide with the NCAA basketball championships

  12. Doug said

    Chris Hall losing to Alph was tough. Element, Underworld Element as I knew it was a paradigm shift. Frozen comes off that tree. The only Alf I know is Gordon Melmack. You young bastards. I love that Wrecks and Effects into Run DMC. I remember being at NASA and seeing Harold and Peter Hyun coming in with their boards. 90s, Fuck Yeah!

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