yes, I know this meme is played out

yes, I know this meme is played out


The week ending 2/13/14 yielded two milestones in hip-hop white guy content.

First, the highly anticipated Gold Wheels video #goldgoons premiered on Feb. 11. Subsequently, the Drake mixtape/album/escape method from his Cash Money Records contract If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late dropped in the middle of the night the very next day.

Like most things in life, I found out about it via the Twitter monoculture; as I do most nights, I had passed out watching the NBA and, reflexively, checked Twitter only to find literally everyone tweeting about a new Drake mixtape and quoting quotable lyrics ‘n’ shit.

Snowed in most of the following fortnight, I had ample time to contemplate these two works while staring out the window at the sheet of ice that had covered the street in front of my house. Along those lines, I present a review of Gold Goons via #relevant quotes from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

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My brother doesn’t skate. He never skated. * He wears rainbow flip-flops and tucked-in polo shirts. As you probably inferred from the previous details, he joined a fraternity in college. And although we partied together to a certain extent, we never had that “partners in crime” vibe like the subjects of the skate doc All This Mayhem. Read the rest of this entry »

Canadian Gino

July 31, 2013


“Remember how cold it was when you took the bus up to Montreal?”


“Winnipeg is colder.”

The above is an excerpt from an internet discussion between me and my homie in MTL. I think I had mentioned that Winnipeg seemed like a tight place to live, based on a)various Green Apple-affiliated videos I had seen b) the plaza that was one of the first ones that seemed to replicate Barcelona architecture and c)the return of the Jets.

He went on to describe a bleak, economically devastated metropolis where native gangs rule the streets at night. Based on Supper’s Ready and Modern Love though, Winnipeg appears to be a spot-filled metropolis where the particularly Canadian sense of humor–via SCTV/ Bill Murray–flourishes in skate vid form. Read the rest of this entry »